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Perhaps the hardest part of being a professional freelance SEO writer is praising your work. Every freelance SEO writer has their own skills and writing style. There is a lot of competition in this space. Find the best locations where customers are happy to pay, but where you can also earn money.

In other words, don’t pretend to be smaller than you really are. You may have seen other writers charge as little as $1 per article for them. A company can use these deals to save some money, but if they want to hire a good freelance SEO writer, they will have to pay more. Don’t think you have to work for less than $10 anytime. If the customer asks for less, you may decline, but only if you are willing to write high-quality items that do not require revision after shipment.


Look around you. You still don’t know the exact rate. Try to find people who write for SEO and see what they ask. You may not be able to charge $45 per item at first because other people have been in the business for a long time. This is an exciting thing! It’s also important to know that you don’t have to set a flat rate for all item lengths. Your customers can choose an item under 350 words for a lower price, or you can offer special bulk pricing for orders of more than one item at a time, so they pay less per item.


Negotiation is the most important thing you can do to get the job done. Remember that your clients are just as unique and different as the freelance SEO writers they want to work for. Remember that you should always let your customers know that prices are subject to change. Before you write anything for them, make sure you have agreed on a price. In price negotiations, it is best to offer customers more than you think they will accept. Sometimes they take it and you get a better deal than you thought. Other times, you can agree to a lower price that’s close to what you want, and they’ll think they’re getting a good deal, too.


At first it was hard to figure out how much to charge for work. It does play a role in customer acquisition and their willingness to work with you. Respectful and professional freelance SEO writers can gain new clients by following the three tips above, so make sure you do that.

3 golden rules for new SEO writers:

Oh, how wonderful to be a freelance SEO writer. How many people don’t want to be paid for writing? Many freelancers make their situation worse when they start their own business because they don’t pay attention to what to do. If you want to start writing for SEO, you need to follow these three rules:


Rule #1: Don’t procrastinate.


You may be a court stenographer, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to write the 30 essays you’ve been hired to do.


Wait until the last minute, when you have a full week to finish them. Doing so will only make your workday more stressful and unpleasant. In turn, you finish those articles faster. You don’t have to rush your work to get it done. In the end, your work will get better and your day will become less stressful.


Rule #2: Market, Market, Market


Even though you can still get paid for your work, you may not be very good at advertising yourself. But you can’t always be sure that your customers are willing to pay you to write to them.


In general, items are worth the money. When it stops, so does your electricity (along with food, water, and possibly rent). Also don’t forget to keep promoting yourself. The person who pays your job will help you avoid worrying about having enough money to pay your bills. That being said…


Life is more important than money.


While pumping out lots of articles will make you more money, keep in mind why you started writing for SEO. For some, the freedom to be your own boss is the reason. The freedom to choose where and when to work may be the reason. Another reason is the ability to work from home and spend more time with friends and family. No matter what happens, you need to stay motivated and always keep your goals in mind. It’s important to avoid getting tired and unenthusiastic about your posts, even the simplest.


Go ahead. In your new job as a freelance SEO writer, you need to follow these three simple rules to keep your new life exciting. So get out there and write, write, write! Here’s what to do.

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