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Hire a blogger or blog writer to create your blog posts. Make sure they are SEO-experienced and have strong writing skills. If you hire the wrong person, things can go wrong. These are five things to remember when hiring custom blog writing services.

Blog writers may not have the same level of experience or be as confident in their craft. The blogs that are custom-written may not be useful for online communities. People may not comment if the content isn’t interesting, which could be a problem.

Professional writers are used for custom blog writing services. It is important to ensure that the content you receive is original and not copied from another blog. You could look terrible and be blacklisted by search engines. Be sure to verify that the blog writing service you use is original and written by them.

Professional blog writers can help blogs rank higher in search engines by using key phrases and keywords that are relevant to business marketing. Make sure that the blogger knows which keywords are most appropriate for your blog, and that they use them at a density of approximately 1 percent. Unexperienced bloggers may use keywords that are not relevant to your products or services and bring down your website’s ranking in search results.

Blog writing services should be able to incorporate URLs and links for your business within the blog content. They may not be as professional if they don’t know how to add hyperlinks to the blog. You might consider looking elsewhere if all a blog writing company can do is to write. You should expect them to offer a variety of services to suit your needs. It is not a good idea to have multiple companies that can meet all your needs.

Your blog should be error-free. This can make your company look unprofessional online and will reflect poorly on you. Many companies don’t proofread their work before sending it to clients. It is not a good idea to have content on your website that contains grammatical mistakes and misspellings. Companies often discover that the blog writing service they are using is not actually a blog writing company. It is costly and not desirable for businesses to learn the hard way.

Every blogger should think ahead

You are a professional blogger who writes content for SEO. It’s not uncommon to be thrilled when your article ranks on page 1 or 2. That’s actually the goal.

It’s not page ranking. It’s sales.

It’s great fun to show clients the before and after of each search phrase you are working on. They’ll look at you sooner or later and ask why you’re not getting more sales. You need to think beyond the page ranking to see what’s next.

Determine the bounce rate for every landing page.

Google Analytics allows you to look at the bounce rates of every page you have achieved ranking. It’s likely to be quite high. According to SEO companies, anything below 60% is acceptable. As a client, consider whether you are okay with 6 out 10 website visitors leaving the site in under 8 seconds. No.

Although we all want a bounce rate lower than 30%, it takes careful planning and different tactics depending on what category you are working in. You must stop thinking about page rank and think more like a traditional marketer to achieve this.

  • Does the landing page appeal to your eyes?
  • Is it able to communicate with different media – words, photos, or video?
  • Do you feel a call for action?

These were the basics we used to do when creating print ads. However, they are now missing from many Internet marketing companies’ toolkit.

Go beyond the landing page

You need to think beyond the landing page and consider the customer experience. You might be able to focus on the blog writing part, but clients need to see the whole picture. Consider the entire structure of your website. To increase your website’s ranking, are you pointing “off-page” content to the right places? What amount do you give away for off-page content Do you have a list of your most valuable key phrases? In order to be successful in this page ranking game long-term, there are many things to consider. A blog writer team that includes a marketing-driven content author will think all about marketing on the Internet.

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