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How to make money on fiverr for beginners

Fiverr provides professional services on a global marketplace.

Named after the original idea of the service – that you could purchase services starting at $5 Higher-priced services have become more common as the market has evolved and more sophisticated providers have been attracted to it.

You need to know how the system works if you want to make more money or start a business called a “Fiverr Business”.

Many people won’t know of many “tricks” that are available.

First Pointers

  • Fiverr’s Market is Huge & Varied. The assumption that it’s only for low-skates is often wrong. If you have a great product/service/skill, you’ll find many sellers are able to achieve prices of $350+ for even quite obscure offerings.
  • People want you to tell who you are . The problem with this is that the best people just share their expertise. They don’t try to make it look fancy, they simply use your real name and are open and honest.
  • Your offering must be *adaptable* to meet demand. This is the biggest error most businesses make. Instead of telling people what you do and explaining it to them, explain it in a way that shows how it will help them.

Everyone will have different experiences with the platform. The following is my own…


Fiverr’s Market

Most people don’t realize how huge Fiverr’s marketplace is.

The platform saw 8,000,000 transactions in 2015. That’s a gig bought every 5 seconds.

The fact is that MOST people keep themselves back by convincing them that the market isn’t as big or that it’s full people from developing countries (able work for a fraction less than a Westerner).

These ideas may be valid, but the simple truth is that most buyers on the platform come from the West. Therefore, if you can offer a -quality service, there is definitely an opportunity.

My experience has shown that customers will pay more for a good service if it’s offered at a reasonable price.

Being able to create an in-demand offering is the key to success. This is what I will explain in a moment. However, it is not enough. The belief of the Fiverr platform is large enough to support any service.

People Want to Know Who You Are

Except for an in-demand job, I have found that the most popular “gigs”, apart from a paid gig, are those with particular talents / skills.

They will often be very personal in their offers (using their face for their profile picture, etc.) and will tell you as much as they can about their experience.

This is crucial because it is far more efficient to use yourself as the product if you are offering a service via the platform.

We are led to believe that the business world is all about making products cheaper. This is because corporate companies provide rigidity and conformity.

This is true for many people. However, it’s more profitable to offer your service in the online services market. Instead of hiding behind an avatar or fake username, you can now offer your service.

Adapt Your Offering

This is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of the system.

Most people make the BIG error of thinking that because they are good at [insert skills here], they will automatically attribute it to some underlying benefit for business.

The majority of people aren’t very smart. You must explain to them how your service can benefit them as clearly as you can.

This is what marketing/sales calls the “offer”. It’s the way that you match a product to the market’s real needs.

Most Fiverr gigs will have a listing that includes “Portrait Photographer”, Fitness Trainer, or Web Designer.

These aren’t the best options, but they work. It is important to give a reason for why people should consider your service.

This usually means that you will become proficient in one market and neglect the rest.

Take, for example…


  • “Amazon Product Photographer To Boost Revenue”
  • “Boost Your Business Traffic with a Unique WordPress Theme Design for Professionals”
  • “Elite Fitness Training to Eliminate Belly Fat in 3 Weeks”

This is an important point that I cannot emphasize enough.


While most people claim to be content writers, they have no skills or expertise that can provide value to those who purchase their services.

You must be able to adapt your offer to meet demand.

My Story with Fiverr

This is why it’s important. I sold services on Fiverr through a friend.

His experience includes software, computer support and network engineering. He is also proficient in financial trading and bitcoin.

While he listed his name and information correctly, his first gig was for “Forex”. While he did receive a few orders, his real income came from “Crypto”.

There are millions of crypto articles on Fiverr. We didn’t do anything new. But what did was to give users the ability *exactly* to see why my friend is the best choice as a writer.

He not only has real experience in technology, but he also had been communicating with a “consortium”, based out of London, for many years.

A “consortium” in finance is basically a group or companies of people who are working together for a common goal. Each person has their own agenda, so it doesn’t really matter what they are working towards.

My friend had a group that was focused on currency trading, but even more important, one of them had been playing with Bitcoin. He “dabbled” and became a Bitcoin millionaire in December 2017.

We reconstructed my friend’s profile with this insight and experience in mind. The Fiverr audience started to receive a large influx of orders.

In the first week we made $500 and in the second month, $1,500.

In my world, I have created 2 Fiverr profiles.

While both profiles received responses from the public, only one profile started to gain traction.

This was my computer support job, and I have a lot of experience in it. It’s not just my profession, but you might argue that it’s a passion.

This profile had one thing in common. I knew enough about the market so that I could be specific about what was being offered.

Instead of posting “I will fix my computer for you”, I worked to provide specific fixes for the different software packages they might have used.

Take, for example…


  • I will fix WordPress plugin, theme and page errors, as well as WooCommerce newsletter and newsletter issues with code
  • Shopify will increase conversion rates by adjusting the theme, page, newsletter, and CRM code.
  • I will provide cloud VPS servers for Azure, AWS Rackspace, DigitalOcean, and other providers.

I completed this task and began to develop the website that I had created for it. I made sure to add my name, face, and story to the site.


People began to show up asking questions about our service. “Can WordPress fix this problem?” “, “How can you add a Shopify logo? “, “My Shopify site won’t convert – any tips?” “.

I ensured that I answered all queries promptly and provided any necessary fixes with added extras.

We included “added-extras” that were complete “rundowns” of infrastructure improvements the client could make – to either save money or increase traffic or back-end processes.

We began to spread the word about the improvements made and started systematizing many of our processes, including Trustpilot and other tools.

We were able to provide users with the support they needed and keep them informed about new developments.


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