How To Get Started Freelance SEO Writing

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Before I started freelance SEO writing, I didn’t like my job. Wouldn’t it be great to have a fixed salary, but I don’t have a moment of freedom? Freelance SEO writing has enabled me to quit my job and find a new job that pays well. If you want to move from what you’re doing now to something more profitable, here are the things you can do to get started.

1. There is a lot to practice. The old saying still applies. The better your writing skills, the more money you can make as a freelancer. An understanding of basic grammar rules is a great place to start, even if you’re not currently the best writer in the world. The only way to improve your writing is to write. To improve your SEO writing, think about topics that might interest you and write about them. Write in this article about the specific market you think you can sell yourself to. SEO-friendly articles are usually between 350 and 500 words, but can vary by customer.


2. People hire people who know how to write well on a topic, so they need to find them. Search Google for words like “Freelance SEO Writing Jobs” and other similar words. Many people who want them to get their website to the top of search engine rankings will hire freelance SEO writers. List all the people you think might be interested in working with you. Then try to contact us one by one. Email or call them after you see them. Show them some of your work and give them a chance to try it for free. If people like your job, they are more likely to hire you again.


3. If you have customers now, it’s time to learn more. As a freelancer, you can make a lot of money writing about SEO for other people. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. After working in this field for a while, you should think about other jobs that you can do. People who write SEO copies make more money than people who write non-SEO copies, but it’s a lot harder to get into. Build your portfolio first and then try to expand it. People with many skills in many different areas can get jobs and earn more money if they have many different skills.


All in all, freelance SEO writing is a great option for you if you want to leverage your writing skills and avoid the monotony of a 9-to-5 job. People love that the market is easy to enter. With a basic understanding of grammar and a willingness to interact with customers, almost anyone can start making money almost immediately. Soon, you’ll be able to expand your portfolio and skillset, helping you find more clients and earn more money.


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