How To Write Many SEO Articles on The Same Subject and Keywords

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It is not always necessary to use a professional article writer. You can just create your own SEO content. Even if you pay someone to do it for you, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of what successful SEO writing entails. This is a great way to find great writers for your articles.

If you have a talent for writing and are good at research, you may be able to write multiple articles on the same topic with good results if you follow sound advice.


The talk of having to create a bunch of articles on the same topic, whether esoteric or narrowly specialized, can make some people inside and outside the content industry shudder. Because they want original material, many of my clients come to me for countless articles on the same subject. In a few days, 24 articles on synthetic industrial rubber had to be written. Another time, in a matter of days, I wrote fifty articles on spyware. I once published 700 articles about online education in one month. Last month I published 53 articles about real estate investing in Florida. You better believe it’s a challenge to avoid writing the same thing over and over!


It is an excellent marketing strategy to boost your inbound links, improve organic SEO or raise awareness about your online projects through article writing. To increase the visibility and traffic of your website, you can leverage the content on your website and distribute it over the internet. Writing many articles on the same topic can be a challenge, but a professional article writer can help ease that burden.


How on earth did I manage to publish so many different articles on the same subject?


Writing many articles on the same topic can be easy or difficult. Different approaches are possible, depending on the subject matter, the style of the article and the goals of my client. To be able to work on several items at once, I’m known for breaking large batches into small batches. It can be helpful to break a topic down into its components. Also, keyword research can be very helpful. It’s helpful to see what other people are looking for while trying to figure out what to write about. Also check out the top Google search results! A customer’s keyword list can be quite diverse, making it easy to distinguish similar parts. There are several ways to write multiple articles on the same topic. Thesaurus and creativity are helpful when it comes to my field, as is my own secret golden recipe. To ensure that every article is truly original, I assign a large number of articles to numerous authors. If your mind is numb to this, you never know what the other one will come up with!


After thorough research and brainstorming, I often start with a keyword list. It’s easy to see which ideas and approaches will be successful and which ones will be fun or interesting. To publish a large number of articles (or even a small number of articles), I have to split my time between two different jobs.


First, I need to make sure the article is readable and engaging.


The second time I had to make them more attractive to search engine crawlers.


Indeed, through my extensive keyword research and focus on long tail keywords, many of the articles I produce for you are optimized for many different keywords. My goal is to ensure that posts are indexed in multiple ways and that I can provide you with value and improve results. Pages with more related terms are more relevant according to people and search engine.

rewrite article


I had to rewrite some articles to make them more interesting. Some paragraphs may need to be moved and their content updated. In this way it is possible to create a whole new article on the same topic, but the duplicate content filter will miss it. If you’re submitting to a lot of article directories, you may want to apply this strategy at least a little to get the most out of your articles.


Renaming, generating new meta descriptions, and rotating article content can all help you reach a wider audience through many article directories. As far as your business is concerned, original and diverse information when writing articles is the most important factor to arouse reader interest and meet search engine demands.

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