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SEO content writing is the art of writing good content for your website and blog so that people can find them. It will be easier to use the article marketing tips here so that you can combine SEO-friendly content with a powerful advertising and linking strategy Google likes. Here are a few definitions.


A piece of SEO-friendly content is a piece of text that is written for marketing


In which people use the term SEO to talk about how to improve their chances of being found by search engines. In order for your website and blog to be found by search engine algorithms, you need to make sure that each page can be easily scanned by them and that they have the information that search engines need to index them and then the content that they need to show up in search results. If you want to know how search engines work and the differences between indexing, listing, and ranking, you don’t need to read this. I’ll give you a quick explanation later.


Let’s just say that these last three words are in order of how much we want them. A high ranking can’t be achieved without your page being indexed. You can’t get a high ranking without having your page be indexed first. I’m going to use Google as an example of a search engine because it’s the most important by far.


Effective SEO content writing can help you get your web page found. If it is listed, and how high it ranks in that listing, both depend on your content and how you promote it, like by writing articles. Others include author rank (making sure your name is linked to everything you write online), social networking (especially with Google+), and links back from other well-known web pages.





SEO writing marketing 


The whole subject of search engine optimization can’t be covered in one article. For SEO in general, you’ll need a lot of articles to explain how it works. Here, we only talk about SEO content writing, which refers to the content in the body of your web page HTML or source code.


This “Meta” data is also important for SEO, and it can be found at the top of your source code. Many words can be said with the word “Meta.” In this case, it means “about.” The Meta data gives information about what is on the web page. This includes things like the content’s ‘description’, the keywords used, and the title of each page.


Data like this will show up on your Google search results page. People search for things on Google by looking at your “Title tag.” This is what your “Title tag” says. Your ‘Description Meta tag’ is where you write what you think about the subject. Between the two ‘BODY’ HTML tags on your web page or blog, you write SEO-friendly content. Google users will only see what is in your ‘HEAD’ tags. When they click on your published link, they will then see your SEO content.


Writing SEO-friendly content is all about giving your web page as much information as possible that is relevant to the subject of your page. Google looks at each page or post on your website or blog on its own. When someone does a web search, this is how it works.


How Search Engines Operate


When you make a website and ask Google to “spider” or “crawl” it, a complex statistical mathematical formula known as an algorithm or robot (Googlebot) will look through all of the content on your site. It will then look up the URL of each web page based on its content.


In order for your web pages to show up in the results of a Google search, the algorithm will use its latent semantic indexing (LSI) algorithm. Here, you will use the words you used in your SEO content writing and the semantic relevance of your words.


The overall ranking algorithm will then rank your page based on this information, as well as a lot of other things (e.g. Meta data.) How high you are in Google’s search results for that word or phrase is called your rank (keyword.)





SEO Content Writing and Google Ranking go hand in hand.


SEO content writing can help you get a Page 1 listing or a top 10 ranking if you write about your subject in a natural way and don’t use too many keywords. People looking for information only use one search term when they want to find out what they want to know In this case, if they use another term, your ranking might be different because the algorithms will be using different data.


When you use professionally written web content, you can increase the chances that your web page or blog post will be found for a certain keyword. They will also check your source code and give you advice on how to improve your Meta data.


Tips on how to get more people to read your blog articles (marketing)


Article marketing is when you write articles about the different pages on your website and then send them to publications that specialise in web content. There was a time when some of these directories published anything that was given to them, no matter how good it was. Many of these directories or “content farms” were delisted by Google’s Panda update when it came out.


It was thought by some people then that article marketing was dead, but that was not true at all! It is stronger than ever because the best directories have gotten stricter about who can be in them. Try to get bad grammar or spelling through the eyes of Ezine Articles reviewers, and you’ll hit a brick wall!


Many SEO content writing and article marketing tips are out there. The two most important are to make sure that your article has writing of a very high level, and that your SEO content is 100% relevant to the topic of your resource. A lot less, and you’ll fail.

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