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Outer Banks season three has at last shown up on Netflix, and I was unable to be more amped up for the most recent portion. Indeed, I’m one of the many individuals who totally became hopelessly enamored with the Netflix show when it originally debuted in April 2020 and ended up watching the whole first season at a time. (I want to be joking.) For what reason am I so fixated? The show has everything. Activity? For sure. Tension? Obviously. High schooler apprehension? Indeed, yes and yes.

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Outer Banks Season 3

However, in the event that you had opportunity and willpower to watch the show yet, here’s a speedy overview: Outer Banks follows a teen named John B (played by Pursue Stirs up) who enrolls the assistance of his three closest companions (known as the “Pogues”) to attempt to find his missing dad, who strangely vanished while looking for the unbelievable fortune.

Quick forward to prepare three (otherwise known as our most up to date installement) and the Pogues wind up on a remote location. Totally abandoned, John B and his companions have chosen to guarantee the island as their own, referring to it as “Poguelandia.” Subsequent to watching the initial two episodes of season three, I can sincerely say that this new season is the best one yet. I realize it seems as though I’m only fangirling here (and I am) however it truly is seriously mind-blowing.


Outer Banks the principal Episode 

The principal episode of the new season begins with a one-month time hop, where we see our number one gathering of companions — John B (Stirs up), Sarah (Madelyn Cline), Kiara (Madison Bailey), Pope (Jonathan Daviss), JJ (Rudy Pankow) and Cleo (Carlacia Award) — attempting to make due on the remote location. What’s more, in numerous scenes, we get an opportunity to see the exceptional, certified bond among the Pogue individuals that we’ve come to be aware and love in past seasons. We see the group plunk down and play a very shocking round of truth or dare. We witness JJ show Kiara how to get a fish. (Is it just us or are a few serious flashes flying among them?)

While the island might appear to be a marvelous tropical heaven, the vulnerability of their future weaving machines the Pogues, and it leaves the watcher with an uncomfortable inclination. Yet, it appears to be that karma is their ally when a plane flies over the island and spots the castaways, arrival to safeguard them. Nonetheless, the teenagers begin to assemble the pieces and before long find that their “knight in sparkling shield” has been recruited to track down them. Might it at some point be Ward (Charles Esten) returning to complete what he began? Or then again Carla Limbrey (Elizabeth Mitchell), who is attempting to reclaim what’s legitimately hers? For staying away from significant spoilers, the main thing I will say is the gathering of youngsters before long experience a risky enemy that is considerably more frightening than Ward and Carla joined, and I’ll leave it at that. (Outer Banks)

All through the episode, every second is more exciting than the last, with various exciting bends in the road that had me as eager and anxious as can be. Furthermore, when I saw the last scene blur to dark and the end credits pop onto my screen close by the “Watch Next Episode” button, I clicked to quickly watch episode two.


Going into episode two, I didn’t have the foggiest idea what’s in store. From the start, I figured nothing could top that activity stuffed first episode I recently watched, however I was discredited by and by. The stakes have never been higher for the Pogues, and it seems like the group is going to be put to a definitive test as they set out on a mission to track down the greatest fortune of all: the city of gold, known as El Dorado.

Anyway, will the group at last set heads spinning and bring back home the gold? Or on the other hand will there be more impediments the gathering of companions basically mightn’t? It’s difficult to be aware without a doubt, yet one thing is sure: I’m pulling for you, Pogues.

PureWow Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

The initial two episodes of Outer Banks season three surely didn’t dishearten, and on the off chance that the remainder of the time go on down this way, it’s equipping to be an exhilarating watch. (What’s more, luckily for any other person fangirling as hard as me, Netflix has proactively recharged the series for a fourth season.)

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