SEO Article Writer – How to Improve on Your Craft

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Here are some helpful tips for becoming a better SEO article writer:

1. Know your audience. No matter what type of writer you are, having a clear understanding of your target audience will definitely make you more productive at work. To meet their needs exactly, you need to understand their needs, requirements, wants and preferences. Get to know these people by interacting with them on forums and blogs where you can interact with them constantly.

2. Become an expert on your chosen topic. As a writer, you need to provide your readers with informative articles. This will only happen if you fully understand your chosen topic. Make sure you do extensive research before you start writing. Start by reading relevant articles, websites, e-books and other relevant online resources. If that’s not enough, go ahead and interview experts or gain first-hand experience. The more information you collect, the more valuable your article will be in the eyes of readers.

3. Update yourself with the latest SEO. One thing you need to understand about SEO is that the requirements or guidelines that search engines follow when assigning page rankings can change at any time. Of course you have to stay informed of these changes. Know what still works and what doesn’t. It helps if you are in constant contact with SEO experts. Join them in relevant forums and blogs where you can easily share ideas with them.

4. Improve your skills. Don’t settle for your skill level. Always look for ways to make your work better. Improve your research, SEO, proofreading and writing skills by reading relevant resources and participating in relevant webinars and training programs. Chances are, you’ll write great articles, and if you’re very confident in your skills, you’ll be able to get through the process quickly.

5. Learn how to write user-friendly articles online. I have been writing web articles for over 5 years. My experience tells me that online users have very specific preferences when it comes to reading articles. They want content that is relatively short (400-600 words), scannable or easy to browse, easy to understand, and contains bulleted lists or short paragraphs. Since you absolutely want to give your readers what they want, keep this in mind the next time you write an article.

6. Use secondary keywords. In addition to targeting one primary keyword (PK) per article, it also helps if you use at least 2 secondary keywords that are closely related to your PK. This will help convince search spiders that your keywords are really relevant to your article content. This can lead to better impositions for your instance.


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