SEO Content Writing Tips For Small Businesses


They know that most of their traffic comes business from search engines. Some experts say that as much as 80% of a website’s traffic can come from people searching for it on the web. They will help you make the most of this.

3 ways to get the most out of search engine traffic (business)

SEO copywriting error: Non-existent meta tags.

Tip 1: Write these 3 meta tags. This is probably because there are not many SEO tricks for writing meta tags and people are dismissive. Three meta tags should be written for each web page: title, description, and keywords.

Because meta tags are important for good SEO, you can read why here. Because search engines use them to find your website. Think of them as a way to store and organize things online. When search engine spiders browse all websites on the Internet, they group them based on the type of content they have.

When these spiders (also called bots or bots) visit your website, the meta tags tell them what your website is about so that it can be properly categorized. To show that your website is about natural herbs, you can write meta tags like this one. In order for your website to show up when people search for information about natural herbs, you must add natural herbs to your website.




SEO Copywriting Error: Using Too Few Words (business)

SEO Content Writing Tip #2: Add more words to every page of your website. Many people don’t think about these SEO tricks because they’ve learned to keep the web copy as short as possible.

We’ve discussed this before: Search engines use “spiders” to scour the web for information to index. It’s a way they get information. Meta tags are one way. You can place text on the page. And if that wasn’t enough, the spider robot won’t notice.

You want search engines to put your website in their database so that it can show up in the results when people search for it. A page of 300-500 words is a good start.

SEO copywriting: use too many keywords. (Business)

Tip 3: Make sure your keywords are in the right place. You can read a hundred “SEO Tips” articles about keywords and you’re likely to get just as many different opinions about what they mean. As long as you use enough keywords to rank well in the search engines, if your site is too full of keywords, it could be removed from the results.



Densities between 3% and 5% are the industry standard. If other pages on your site rank well for your main keyword, you can lower that percentage. However, you can go as low as 1.5% or 1.2%.

Each page must contain your keyword in at least three places: the title; the first paragraph of the main text; and the last paragraph of text. At 300-500 words, this is about half of what it takes to get 5% keyword density.

Follow these SEO content writing tips and you’ll be on your way to getting your website high in search engine results.

The following are all available:

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