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Traffic racer mod apk download 

Traffic Racer Mod APK 

Traffic Racer is yet another endless arcade racing game where you will have to find your way through the intense traffic. You will need to make as much score as you possibly can. The high-quality graphics and smooth controls set this game apart from the others.

Today, we will talk about traffic racer Mod APK with unlimited money and unlocked cars.

Alternate Game: Traffic Rider Mod APK

About Traffic Race


Soner Kara is the developer behind Traffic rider, wings on fire and Traffic Racer. All these games have been designed to have detailed graphics, addictive gameplay, and very user-friendly controls.

Traffic racer allows you to show off your driving skills and learn some new skills. Overall, it is a good racing game with some great cars. The app does not cost you any dime and you can use this app without the Internet.

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Traffic Racer Mod APK

Need more fun? Race with the police officers! There are numerous ways for this game to make the entire experience much more enthralling and engaging.

The game itself is great, however, it tends to be made considerably more interesting if you can purchase anything you need an upgrade or open any vehicle you need.

This can be done with Traffic Racer Mod APK. Buy unlimited money and unlock all cars without spending any real cash!

Traffic Racer APK Requirements and Details

APK Name: Traffic Racer Mod APK

Compatible Android Version: 4.1 and higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets

Storage Space Needed: 53 MB

Internet: No Internet Connection needed

Latest upgraded version: 2.5

Genre: Arcade Racing Game

Price: Free with Unlimited resources

Ads: No


The main gameplay of this game very simple. You have to drive your way through a straight line of endless Traffic. You can drive on different speed levels as per your discretion – from slow to super-fast.

The game requires you to:

Manage your car on difficult routes

Earn huge piles of money

Pump your car and buy new cars

You may choose diverse locations and may even drive at night if you like that. The game has a huge variety of different car models so every player can choose according to his liking. You can:

Improve and Upgrade transport

Repaint the car to the color of your choice

Add other customizations

The official game does not have many customizations but some are present (as mentioned above). If you want more custom features, then Traffic Racer Mod APK is the solution for you.

game mode 1

Game Modes

There are various missions and game modes available at the same time. The five different modes are:

Endless: It is the Normal Arcade Style mode. Simply race through the traffic and try to reach the end.

Time Trial Mode: Test your skills under limited time to make the game more challenging.

Two-Way: Two-way driving allows you to take turns and U-turns to fight your way out of the traffic. If you will drive in the opposite direction while you are io-way mode, then you will be rewarded with extra score and cash. Meanwhile, beware of incoming vehicles!

Police Pursue: Get pursued by cops for testing interactivity.

Complementary lift: Get complementary lifts and partake in the scene.

Traffic Racer MOD APK3


Controls of the game are direct, nonetheless, assuming you believe that it is difficult to adjust to it, you can change it and peruse the decisions accessible.

Utilize these controls to play the game:

For directing, you can contact or shift your gadget

Dial your bicycle back to tap on the brake button

Advance rapidly by contacting the gas button

Drive quicker and increment your score


The plans and illustrations in the game are exceptionally high. The plan looks itemized and appealing. Exceptionally pragmatic models and things like staggering view and restricted vision in night mode, add a genuine effect.

Unprecedented cityscapes look monstrous and, surprisingly, however the circle shows when you play it. Smooth controls with FPP construct an incredible image of enormous and remarkable scenes. Rich plans could save you in the game for a surprisingly long time and suck submersion from it!


There are cool sound impacts, and the audio cues are additionally great. The audio is satisfactory and appropriate. The sound has been done in a peaceful but appealing manner.

The engine sounds sound sensible. The main shortcoming here is the music and menu. It could blow your ears if you hear it at the start and end of each game. If you like arcade racing games, then you will definitely like this game.

Unlimited Gold/Cash

To make speed more addictive, you need to buy a few things. From our latest traffic racer Mod APK review, you now know you need a lot of those. The MOD offers Unlimited Gold and Cash!

Regular Updates

The developers are doing everything to make our traffic racer Mod APK work perfectly and instantly. That’s why you will get regular updates of the game.

Pretty and Clean Interface

This game has a very simple and user-friendly interface. The performance and game process is smooth and quick.

Trusted and Loved

Traffic Racer Mod APK is trusted and loved by many players around the world.

No Jailbreak and No Boot Required

There is no need to jailbreak your device. Use the options for the anti-ban shield or other powerful options to make it easy.

traffic racer mod apk
traffic racer mod apk


The game has 3D graphics and they’re 10/10. If you are the one who cannot compromise on the graphics of the game, then this is the right game for you to play.


The game has smooth controls that allow a soft and realistic driving experience.

Unlocked Cars

The game has a fleet of 35 plus unlocked cars.


traffic racer mod apk
traffic racer mod apk



There are five detailed locations:


A slum

A night city

A snowy desert

An ordinary desert

Game Modes

Different game modes that will please any gamer with their diversity;

Free Ride: Get free rides and enjoy

Time Trial Mode: Test your skills under limited time

Two-Way: Drive faster in the opposite direction and win

Police Chase: Get chased by the cops

Endless: Race through the traffic and win


The basic settings of the machine – from coloring to the size of the wheels;


You can enjoy extensive NPC traffic including buses, trucks, and SUVs.


Online leaderboards and achievements are available to show how much you scored against other players.


traffic racer mod apk
traffic racer mod apk


Traffic Racer Mod APK Installation Instructions

Step 1: Click on the link given in this article to start downloading the app, or simply download it from Google Play Store, if you are looking for the official app.

Step 2: Now click on the file and let the installation process begin.

Step 3: You need to download the file of GAME CACHE.

Step 4: Extract the .zip file by pressing it for 1-2 seconds, you can locate the file by using your file manager.

Step 5: Move the obb file to sdcard/Android/obb. If you don’t have microSD, you can move it to Android/obb. You can make the obb folder in the “Android” folder if it is not there already.

Step 6: Install this game and start playing!

Tips to play Traffic Racer

Driving in the opposite direction in two-way mode gives extra scores and cash.

The more your speed, the better will be your score.

With the speed, more than 100 km/h, overtake vehicles that are close to you and get more cash and bonus.

Go to the two-way mode and drive in the opposite directions. It is quite challenging because of the heavy traffic but it will help you to get better scores and cash


traffic racer mod apk
traffic racer mod apk


Traffic Racer Mod APK


It’s free!

Fun and connecting with interactivity

Extraordinary Plan and Designs

Habit-forming bicycle riding through urban areas and parkways

Outrageous speed

Replay Worth

Extraordinary Traffic racer hack bicycle

Simple riding with traffic rider Mod APK limitless money


Fairly dreary

Ailing in exceptional modes or difficulties

Once in a while somewhat exhausting

Could warm gadget

Last Words

Traffic Racer on Android is an entire period in the class of staggering races. The interactivity can be somewhat dull however and there could be more difficulties or game a tad more assortment.

Traffic Racer is a free game so there is no great explanation not to attempt it. On the off chance that you love the class, you will partake in the change around in the area and the overhauls will make you want more and more.

Attempt to really bend over backward to turn into the quickest driver and take the main situations in the general positioning of riders.



traffic racer mod apk
traffic racer mod apk


Often Posed Inquiries About Traffic Racer

How would I play Traffic Racer?

To help your vehicle’s speed, tap and hold the right speed increase symbol. To dial back, tap and hold the brake symbol. Then, at that point, to evade moving toward traffic, slant the telephone left or right. Extra focuses are granted for close to misses and maximum velocity speed increase. The more you play without crashing into vehicles, the higher your score and the more cash you acquire.

How would I get more money in Rush hour gridlock Racer?

In Rush hour gridlock Racer, you bring in cash by keeping away from crashes and getting close misses at velocities of over 100 km/h in one or the other approaching or one-manner traffic. The bigger your financial motivator, the more you hold your speed north of 100 km/h. By consolidating these conditions, you will actually want to bring in a ton of focuses and cash. Close to misses can likewise be tied together to acquire up to 700 focuses per close to miss.



traffic racer mod apk
traffic racer mod apk


How would I redesign my vehicle in Rush hour gridlock Racer?

The redesign framework in Rush hour gridlock Racer permits you to work on your autos by burning through cash procured during the game. Buying speed improvement is one of the better updates since it will assist you with bringing in more cash by permitting you to acquire focuses for distance voyaged quicker. Taking care of is additionally useful for further developed vehicle control, however it isn’t needed. Brakes help you in dialing back to keep away from crashes with different vehicles. They’re now great at the base level, so this isn’t the most helpful improvement.

Do I have to pay for anything in Rush hour gridlock Racer?

In spite of the fact that Traffic Racer is allowed to play, you might pay in-game money to assist you with purchasing new vehicles or update your current ones.

What is the quickest method for bringing in cash in rush hour gridlock racer?

Acquire Coins, This is The way. Coins can be acquired in light of a few things. …

Spend Your Coins On Updates. Whenever you have your coins, you can then spend them on updates for your vehicle. …

String Close Shaves Together. …

Challenge Yourself In Time Preliminary.

How would you beat traffic racer?

Surpass autos intently while driving more than 100 km/h to make score rewards and money. In Two-manner mode, driving the other way makes you additional focuses and money. At last, contacting the gatekeeper rail with your vehicle will altogether dial you back.


I want to believe that you are clear about everything connected with Traffic Racer MOD APK subsequent to perusing this thorough article guide. Kindly go ahead and pose any inquiries in the remarks area gave beneath and we will very much want to answer your questions. Additionally, go through different articles to get additional astounding Mods.

Much obliged to You.


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