6 Tips To Boost Your Traffic Into Orbit And Increase Sales

Tips #1

Upload some short videos to Youtube. These videos are great fun, and they don’t have to be about a topic. These videos should be interesting to draw people to them.

Tips #2

Google search stories is another way to create eye-catching, short videos. Make them interesting, keep them on your niche topic, and get your website url on it.

Tips #3

Google easysearch is a great way to help you get the information you need quickly.

Tips #4

You can use Soople to search for information – it works in a similar way as the other tools, but it can search through different types of content such as video and books.

Tips #5

Articles Base and EzineArticles allow you to publish your articles. Keep your articles between 300 and 400 words.

Tips #6

You might consider outsourcing writing if you are unable to write articles on your own or don’t have the time.