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What Is a Freelance SEO Writer and Can I Do It?

Have you just started writing on the internet? Even if you’re not new to writing on the web, you may have seen companies looking for freelance SEO writers, or you may have heard of others who have made money as freelance SEO writers. You can learn more about writing for money on the internet here. There are many websites that teach people how to write SEO articles. But what is a freelance SEO writer?

To understand what a freelance SEO writer does, we must first understand what SEO is, so let’s do that. SEO is a method of making a website appear higher in search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Bing (MSN), which means more people will visit the website. Companies or people who work in SEO determine what words people are most likely to search for when they think of that company. She needs to figure out what terms people are looking for when they search for “broker” and “New York.”


When you learned a little bit about SEO and what it does, you might have guessed that SEO writing uses those keywords (like “New York real estate agent”), and SEO articles uses those popular keywords. Write 300-500 word articles based on specific keywords. The more times the word is used in an article, the more likely it is to appear in search engines for a particular keyword. People need to find and click on an article with a high ranking in search engines. They are then redirected to the company’s website.


You may be thinking, “What are you going to do now?” “Great! I’m good at writing short stories. When can I start?” The point of writing SEO articles is not the content, although it is still very important. The point of writing SEO articles is not the content, but the content still matters. When writing SEO articles, the most important thing is to use a lot of keywords. Freelance SEO writers will be able to write interesting and informative articles around these very specific keywords, and they will know how to do it.


If the above sounds like something you would like to do, consider becoming a freelance SEO writer and see if it’s for you. Most businesses need a web presence, and SEO is an important part of that presence: if no one can find your website, there’s no point in having one. You can start writing for clients almost immediately with a few simple SEO writing tips.

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