What You Need to Become a Highly Effective SEO Article Writer

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Are you a victim of Penguin 2.1? Do you have questions about how to combat hummingbird? Continue reading to learn four powerful link building strategies that you can implement on your SEO blog.

Release A Press Release To Announce a New Post

Many bloggers believe press releases only apply to business and do not apply to blogs, regardless of whether they are SEO blogs or internet marketing blogs. It is impossible to be more wrong. Bloggers often treat their website like a business, both in terms of monetization as well as promotional activities. It is not surprising that top bloggers publish press releases on top networks such as PR Log and SBWire to announce new content. This is a great way for Google to notice your content and can even lead to you being included in the Google News feed. This can help drive additional traffic.

If you are a blogger and can write a guest post

Asking other bloggers to write articles for your site that include a link to your SEO blog is a popular way to generate quality backlinks. This tactic is only possible if you have a good relationship with the blogger responsible for your backlinks. This can be done by connecting with the writer on as many platforms as possible, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google +. You can also become a member of their community through commenting. After you have gained trust with the writer, you can offer to write a post for them. To show your writing skills, suggest some titles or topics and link back to your best content.

Reverse guest blogging to get in the door

Invite influential bloggers to contribute to your blog if your blog has a lot of traffic. You should also agree to promote your SEO blog via your channels using email marketing and social media in return for their content. What is the benefit to you? It is in the best interest of the blogger you invited to write on your blog. This will result in more visitors to your blog and a merging of both communities.

Submission on High Authority Sites

SEO bloggers used to write articles for Squidoo in the past. It passed on page rank via links and was considered a resource of high authority. This has changed with the Squidoo slap. However, you can still achieve similar results by writing high-quality, unique articles on Buzzfeed, Medium.com, and Storify. If your post is optimized well, these sites can rank quite well on their own. This allows you to drive targeted traffic to your website, internet marketing blog, or SEO blog.

How to become a highly effective SEO article writer

Is it worth your time to promote your website and products through writing and distributing SEO content to blogs and directories. Let me first tell you, this could be one the most important decisions you make when running an ebusiness. SEO articles are key to getting the exposure and ranking you desire on search engines. But, SEO articles are only possible if you are a skilled SEO writer. Here are the steps to becoming one.

You must have excellent writing skills. You must first ensure that your writing skills are above average. It is important to know how to effectively discuss topics so that your readers understand what you are trying to convey. If you feel that there is room for improvement, I recommend that you practice as much as possible. Get tips and tricks from SEO experts. Finally, consider investing in article writing seminars that are hosted by people with a proven track record. Their expertise and experience will be of great benefit to you.

Understanding your target audience is key. Knowing your target audience will help you become a better writer. Know your audience’s needs and wants before you begin writing. You need to know their comprehension level, what they value most, and the elements that will keep them interested in your articles.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a skill that you should learn. SEO article writers must understand how search engines index articles to be effective. There are many SEO-related ebooks and articles available online. You can also find SEO tips on blogs and forums, where SEO experts often share their ideas.

In-depth knowledge in your chosen niche. You can’t just be a great writer. SEO article writing must also be a skill. Your job as a writer is to make sure your readers are able to understand the topics you are discussing. If you only have a limited amount of information, this will not happen.

Before you start writing SEO articles to promote your website or products, make sure you are knowledgeable in the subject and can offer valuable tips and tricks to your readers. You will be able to convince them that you are very knowledgeable and can meet their learning needs.

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